Monday, September 3, 2018

Murder in the Lincoln White House

It's March 1861 and Abraham Lincoln has been inaugurated as president in a turbulent time in American history. Six southern states have already seceded from the Union and there is war in the air and a murder inside the Inaugural Party. In Murder in the Lincoln White House by C.M. (Colleen) Gleason, President Lincoln hires a young friend, Adam Quinn, to solve the murder.

Adam, a frontiersman from Kansas, is used to turbulence as he lost his left arm in pro-slavery violence back home, but the complexities of Washington have him spinning. He has to rely on a free man of color and a female reporter to help him navigate the diverse points of view in the capital.

The descriptions of 19th century Washington are amazing. Who would believe that the capital of the United States would have mud streets and no sidewalks, the White House would be threadbare and there is absolutely no security surrounding the President. Lines of people are waiting outside the White House to have a chance to speak with President Lincoln to try to find jobs or assist in some way.

The lack of security concerns Quinn especially after the body of Custer Billings is found a few short steps away from the Inaugural party. Quinn must weave his way through the treacherous plots to kill the President and the hostile pro-slavery Southerners.

A gripping mystery with an historical perspective that will make you cringe at life in the 1860s.

C.M. Gleason's next book in the series Murder in the Oval Library will be released on August 28.

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