Monday, June 25, 2018

Disorderly Conduct

Fire threatens Maggie McDonald's family and home in Silicon Valley, and they are in the process of evacuating to the Olmos house out of the fire zone. But shocking news awaits them and what is found after the fire diminishes causes the most heartbreak. In Disorderly Conduct by Mary Feliz, the body of Patrick Olmos, husband of Maggie's friend Tess, is found along a running trail.

When it becomes obvious that Patrick was murdered and Tess is arrested, Maggie cannot believe Patrick, an experienced runner would have fallen along the trail. When the police determine he was shot, Maggie sets her investigation in motion to clear her friend. Maggie soon discovers one of Patrick's co-workers and running partners is infatuated with him and has a jealous husband.

As Maggie tries to piece together Patrick's last day, her sons and Tess' son decide they need to get involved. Despite warnings by Maggie about fire danger, the boys decide to follow a hiking path near where Patrick was killed.

As the boys are missing for several hours and are not answering their cell phones, Maggie and the police take to searching for them. What they discover shakes everyone's sense of security and terrifies their parents. 

An excellent book that introduces a scary scenario to drug smuggling and cartels in the United States. Plus as usual there are loads of useful organization tips at the beginning of each chapter. I'm passing on the tip about putting a sticker on your window if you have a pet in your house.

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Annette said...

I love the first three books in this series and can’t wait to get my preordered copy.