Friday, May 25, 2018

S'More Murders

When Val and her grandfather are hired to cater a Titanic re-creation dinner on board a yacht everything seems to be going smoothly. In S'more Murders by Maya Corrigan, the wealthy yacht owner Otto Warbeck wants his guests to also participate in a murder mystery game he wrote.

Unfortuntely some of his characters reseble the real peopl too . closely. Included in the guest list is his curent wife, his ex-wife, her son, a neighbor couple, an antique dealer and a last minute substitution. Otto hid the solution to his mystery game somewhere on the ship, but when Otto disappears and is found dead, there are plenty of suspects.

As an aside, I never understand the fascination with the Titanic and why people would want to replicate any event related to it. Titanic to me means an epic tragedy. Anyway back to the book.

Uing the script booklets, Val tries to find a clue to the murderer. Is Otto's death related to some
missing Titanic artifacts or is there something more sinister going on.

Complicating issues for Val is a new wrinkle in her relationship with her boyfriend Gunnar, accountant/actor. This situation pulls her in two directions, but she still manages to solve the murder.

Another fun read from Maya Corrigan.

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MaryAnn Corrigan said...

Thank you, Christine, for featuring my upcoming book. I always felt the same way about the Titanic as you. I didn't even see the blockbuster movie until I started writing this book! The stories of the survivors and those who went down with the ship are what grab my interest.