Friday, February 24, 2017

Musical Troubles

In Treble at the Jam Fest by Leslie Budewitz, Erin Murphy's Merc is once again stocked with delicious items. I want this store in my town or at least to have the ability to order online. Fresca's Italian sauces make my mouth water and Tracy's chocolates cause me to gain 10 lbs while I am reading the books.

But the trouble begins when Erin hears an argument between two musicians performing at the annual Jazz Festival and Workshop in Jewel Bay, Montana. Gerry Martin and Dave Barber have long been rivals, but their argument seems more personal.

When Gerry Martin is found dead on some rocks along the Jewel River, no one really thinks it was suicide, especially as Erin's boyfriend Adam and his friend Tanner witnessed the fall. It appears Gerry was arguing with someone and was pushed off the cliff. Neither Adam nor Tanner could identify the pusher.

Although Erin's past experiences in solving murders has been dangerous for her, she cannot resist getting involved. Gerry had been the headliner at the Jazz Festival, but his act had been wearing thin for many people. Now, new performer Gabrielle Drake has taken the Festival by storm. Pushed by her parents Grant and Ann Drake, Erin wonders how pushy they really are. Are they the type to kill someone who stands in their daughter's way? What about some of the other performers?

To complicate matters Tanner reveals he is ill again and has made Adam a partner in his business in Minnesota. If anything happens to Tanner, it seems Adam might have to leave Montana to run the company. Erin doesn't know how she feels about Adam maybe having to leave, but she knows he is loyal to his friend.

Putting her concerns about Adam and Tanner aside, Erin is determined to solve the murder, which puts her into jeopardy once again.

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Leslie Budewitz said...

Oh, TREBLE's first appearance on a mystery blog! Thank you for making the trip to Montana with me again -- I can promise you, the weather's much nicer on the page than it is here at the moment!