Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A Murder in Scotland

I have always been a fan of Molly MacRae's books and Plaid and Plagiarism doesn't disappoint. It finds Janet Marsh, her daughter Tallie, her friend Summer Jacobs joining long-time friend Christine Robertson in Inversgail, Scotland. Not for a vacation, but to be co-owners of Yon Bonnie Books. What better place to open a bookstore, than in Scotland, home of famous storyteller Robert Louis Stevenson.

Janet and her family had spend many summers in Scotland until her professor husband started an affair witha married graduate student. Now after the divorce Janet is waiting to move into the house she has owned for years. The realtor tells her it will be a few more days before the renters leave, but when the days keep passing, Janet and Christine decide to see what the problem really is. What the discover it a completely trashed house and a bewildered realtor standing in the middle of it in shock.

When shrewish journalist Una Graham is found dead in in the garden shed at the house a few days later, Janet wonders who else besides Jess, the realtor, didn't like Una. After discovering nasty letters, the friends decide to investigate. They set up a Goggle doc so they can share information and put down their thoughts on the murder. "I" for information, "F" for facts.

I was really impressed that MacRae allowed these women to be tech savvy and not stereotypically afraid of the computer. They text each other during the investigation and check the Google doc for updates. I really enjoyed them and their Scottish setting. I look forward to other books in this series.

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