Friday, December 23, 2016

Advice Can be Murder

Roberta Isleib's Deadly Advice introduces Dr. Rebecca Butterman to a frightening and dangerous lifestyle. Dr. Butterman is a clinical psychologist, but somehow has been talked into writing an "Ask Dr. Aster" advice column for Bloom!, an online magazine.

When her next door neighbor is found dead, an apparent suicide, Rebecca feels she should have made more of an effort to get to know Madeline. After she meets Madeline's mother, Rebecca inherits a cat and a case. Isabel Stanton is not convinced her daughter killed herself, especially after finding a portion of her diary. She asks Rebecca to search through her daughter's apartment to find more clues to Madeline's true state of mind. Rebecca finds mentions in the diary of something called Fast Connections, a speed dating service.

In the meantime the online magazine editor decides to send Rebecca on a road test of the singles scene. Newly divorced and not sure what her next step to meeting eligible men is, she resists efforts by her mother, naturally. Now with the assignment to try speed dating, Rebecca has no choice but to take the plunge. She decides to use Fast Connections and combine her story research with her investigation of Madeline's death.

What she discovers is the dark, dangerous life of her seemingly quiet neighbor. Author Roberta Isleib, herself a clinical psychology, handles Rebecca's pursuit beautifully. Clue after clue piles up leading Rebecca into the frightening quest for the truth and putting herself in jeopardy. The terrifying ending will leave you chilled.

I enjoyed this book and look forward to others in the series. Many of you might know Roberta as Lucy Burdette, the author of the Key West mysteries. Check out my review of a Key West mystery here. The Dr. Butterman series has a totally different vibe to it, but it is as enjoyable as the Key West series.

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