Friday, September 6, 2019

The Pearl Dagger

Lane Sanders and her fiery boss Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia are chasing the syndicate running pinball machines in New York. In The Pearl Dagger by L.A. Chandlar, Lane and the Mayor soon discover their old nemesis.

Before they leave New York, tragedy strikes. While Lane and Mayor LaGuardia are on the scene of a pinball raid, someone fires shots at the police and her friend Peter is killed. Lane realizes the attacks are aimed, not only at the Mayor, but at the police as well. Now more than before, Lane needs to make contact with The Red Scroll Network.

The Red Scroll, is trying to expand its reach. Branching out into Europe, its leader Daphne Franco, baits Lane and Finn into coming to London.  Little do they know what she has in store for them. 

Once they arrive in London, Finn sets out to locate his
disgruntled brother Sean and his wife Gwen. Having been estranged and unjustly accused of a crime, Finn is reluctant to meet with them, but Lane hopes to smooth over the estrangement, by meeting with Finn's grandmother Viv. What she learns from Viv makes her anxious for Finn and she rushes to his aid.

Back in New York, Lane enlists of the assistance of her reporter friend Roarke to track down Daphne who has given them the slip in London. A high stakes game of cat and mouse keeps Lane and Finn grasping in the dark to find Daphne and protect Mayor LaGuardia. 

Another exciting chase in this lively Art Deco series. 

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