Monday, September 30, 2019

Murder in the Balcony

If you love classic movies, you will love A Movie Palace Mystery series and the latest installment Murder in the Balcony. Author Margaret Dumas is a classic movie buff and her characters that populate the Palace Theater are huge fans as well.

Nora Paige, fresh from her separation from action hero actor Ted Bishop, operates The Palace Theater on a shoestring with a motley crew of employees. Her best friend is a ghost - Trixie, an usherette who died from a fall in the balcony in 1937.  When one of her employees, Callie Gee, expresses concerns about her missing boyfriend, Nora tries to ease her concerns.

Before long the police discover Warren dead in his apartment. They theorize he discovered a home intruder and was killed by the burglar. Callie doesn't believe it and she wants Nora to investigate. Warren left a cryptic message on Callie's phone telling her his boss would not believe who he has seen together. No one knows what this means. 

Nora has her hands full when she discovers a real estate developer is threatening to buy up the properties around her theater and possibly even the Palace itself. Hoping she can coerce the four owners not to sell, she probes around to discover who the developer is. 

Adding to Nora's concerns are what to do about reconciling with her husband. She waivers between divorce and reconciliation until she reads about his resumed affair with the woman he left Nora for. Figuring she should just file for divorce and get her share of his money, she orders her attorney to file. What she doesn't know is that Ted has spent all their money.

A Movie Palace Mystery series is one of my favorite new series. I have always been a huge classic movie fan and the movies featured in the series are among my favorites. The characters are a bunch of oddballs, but they fit the profile of classic movie theater buffs and are fun to read about. Pick up this delightful series. 

Disclosure: I received this book from the author. 

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