Friday, August 9, 2019

Murder's No Votive Confidence

Nantucket Island and candlemaking seem to go together. In Murder's No Votive Confidence by Christin Brecher, candlemaker Stella Wright is excited to be part of Jessica Sterling's candle-themed wedding. Using candles as the main theme would do wonders for Stella's small business, Wick & Flame.

Among the specially planned candles is a two-foot tall Unity Candle decorated to resemble the bride's gown. Everyone is excited about the wedding, but there is one small sad note, Jessica's father had died recently and she was hoping her long-estranged uncle would walk her down the aisle.

For some reason, Jessica's mother is highly opposed to the idea, but she want everything to be perfect for her daughter's wedding, so she relents. The animosity between them is electric and not in a good way. Jessica's mother is not that enamored with her future son-in-law either, but Jessica has been wildly optimistic and happy.

The day before the wedding, Stella drops in to look over her candle decorations and discovers the body of Uncle Simon. Someone has put out his lights with Stella's exquisite Unity Candle, but the wedding is to go on as planned. Stella has her work cut out for her because she needs to create another gorgeous Unity Candle and hope superstitious brides-to-be clients don't start canceling orders.

When the bartender at the hotel is arrested, Stella is sure he is innocent and the police have rushed to make an arrest. She decides to join forces with a charming reporter and a local detective in hopes of solving the crime before her business folds.

A charming setting and an intrepid shop owner brings her delightfully-scented candles to life in this new series.

Disclosure: I received this book from the publisher for a fair review. 

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