Thursday, August 29, 2019

Judge Thee Not

Rose Carroll's marriage plans are moving at a glacial pace, but the midwife has several patients that can take her mind off her upcoming (she hopes) marriage. In Judge Thee Not by Edith Maxwell, among Rose's patients is the very young second wife of the local banker Irvin Barclay. (Judge Thee Not will be released by Beyond the Page Publishing on September 10.)

The trouble begins with one of Rose's close friends. This friends leads an unconventional lifestyle and there are some in the community who speak boldly about her in negative terms. Bertie Winslow, the postmistress, cohabitates with another woman and tongues are wagging, especially from the mean-spirited and very judgmental Mrs. Mayme Settle. With no room to judge others, rumor has it her son impregnated the gardener's daughter and abandoned her, She died in childbirth, but her child survived, and then there's her own unmarried daughter, who lives across the state far away from home  Mrs. Settle is especially rude to Jeanette Papka, who although blind, speaks several languages and works as a translater in the courts.

Despite having misgivings, Rose agrees to join the evening Ladies Circle being held at Mrs. Settle's home. The Circle was supposed to be knitting blankets for the Alms Farm, but when Rose arrives no one is knitting and everyone is enjoying tea and nibbling dainty sweets. There she watches Mrs. Settle humiliate her husband over a minor interruption in front of everyone.

The next day Mrs Settle is find dead in her bed under suspicious circumstances. While Rose's friend Detective Donovan is called in investigate, Mr. Barclay conveniently places Bertie near the home of Mrs. Settle the night she died.

Rose knows Bertie didn't kill Mrs. Settle and she hopes she can help Detective Donovan prove she didn't. There are plenty of other suspects, but Rose has too many pregnant women to deal with to do much investigating.

Another terrific Quaker Midwife Mystery. I am so happy Beyond the Page Publishing picked up this series and plans to continue it.

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