Monday, August 12, 2019

Fatal Cajun Festival

Now that Maggie Crozat and Bo Durand are officially engaged, everyone in Pelican wants to know when they will set the date. In Fatal Cajun Festival by Ellen Byron, Maggie and her family are too busy with festival season to think about planning a wedding. (Fatal Cajun Festival will be released on September 10 by Crooked Lane Books.)

When Grandmere decides Pelican needs a festival to precede the New Orlean's Jazz & Heritage Festival, she ropes Maggie into helping her organize Cajun Country Live! The featured artist is none other than hometown-girl-makes good Tammy Barker. Tammy has hit the bigtime as the winner of a TV singing competition, but to many in Pelican, she is still the diva she always thought she was. This includes Maggie's best friend Gaynell Bourgeois, who went to high school with Tammy.

Tammy's band is a collection of offbeat, weirdos who seem to have been randomly selected at the last minute to make the event. When a member of this motley crew is found murdered, Gaynell is suspected and Tammy seems to want to make it a permanent "vacation." There's always been bad blood between Tammy and Gaynell and it comes to a boil when Tammy sabotages Gaynell and the Gator Girls' audition for Jazz Fest.

Maggie decides the best way to discover information is to go undercover as a "newly-unengaged" woman and flirt with the band members. When another band member is seriously injured, Bo thinks it's about time for Maggie to become his fiancee again and stay out of trouble.

The flavor of this book is so Louisiana Cajun and you can almost smell the delicious food simmering on the stove and hear the foot-stomping music in the background. I love these books; they always make me miss New Orleans and everything Cajun.

Disclosure: I received this book from the publisher via NetGalley for a fair review. 

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