Friday, January 11, 2019

Literal Mess

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A two AM phone call brings the news Allie Cobb has been dreading - her father has passed away. In Literal Mess by J.C. Kenney, Allie flies home to Rushing Creek, Indiana, from New York City where she is a literary agent.

It was hard to make her own way back home with her father being a prominent literary agent and even though she loved living in Indiana, she knew she had to leave. Now returning for her father's funeral has tugged at her heart.

Attending his funeral is his best friend and longest client Thornwell Winchester, a best selling author of historical fiction, also the not-so-attentive father to Allie's best friend Sloane. Their relationship had been tenuous and caused Sloane many tears and much heartache while she was growing up, but Thornwell seems to be trying to repair the damage.

Just as he and Sloane are getting to know each other again, he is found dead under the Rushing Creek Bridge. At first it seems like an accident, but then it is thought to be murder. Naturally all eyes focus on Sloan, but there are plenty of suspects to go around.

With trying to close down her father's literary agency and the Fall Festival bringing more people to town, Allie speeds headlong into finding the killer.

The first in a new series - I hope there are more Allie and her family and friends are entertaining characters.

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