Friday, January 4, 2019

Death is Coming to Town

Now that all that Christmas cheer is over, this is a book you will not feeling guilty about reading. Death is Coming to Town by Eleanor Cawood Jones brings readers four murderous holiday tales.

In the first one entitled "He's Making a List," Marcie Burns is hoping for a lovely Christmas with her husband Kelly. It is her favorite time of the year and she is looking forward to the decorating, baking and all the presents.

When she discovers Google searches for creating new identities and obtaining fake IDs, you wonders which of her husband's clients needs this information. After she overhears a phone call, she knows what this means.

In the second story entitled "Checking it Twice." Divorce is hard on everyone including the husband who is left behind for his younger co-worker. Roger seems to be handling it pretty well and he has made an effort to keep things sane with his daughters, following holiday traditions from when they were children.

When he learns from his daughter's that the new husband wants to leave their mother for another woman, Roger sees red and decides to confront Mark. That's where the trouble begins.

The other two stories entitled "Gonna Find Out" and "Who's Naughty or Nice" follow along in the same vein. Author Eleanor Cawood Jones has a diabolical mind. Four mysteries designed to give bad people their comeuppance. Loved it


Connie Berry said...

Eleanor's quirky sense of humor always puts me in a holiday mood. Reading her Christmas short stories has become a tradition.

Grace Topping said...

Ellie is so much fun! She looks so sweet and innocent, but her short stories tell a different story.

Nancy G. West said...

The author of these diabolical tales is one of the nicest people ever! Her great humor slips through in these tantalizing tales.