Monday, July 9, 2018

The Corpse at the Crystal Palace

A day at the famed London Crystal Palace turns into a nightmare for Daisy Dalrymple and her children's nanny in The Corpse at the Crystal Palace by Carola Dunn. With teen cousins visiting, Daisy decides to take her step-daughter Belinda and her twins for an outing. Of course, Nanny Gilpin comes along to mind the twins.

When Nanny leaves the twins with her assistant and mysteriously starts following another Nanny, the teens follow along. They briefly lose sight of her as they track her on the grounds of the Crystal Palace. But when they spot her again, Nanny Gilpin is floating in a fountain and they pull her out to save her life.

In the meantime Daisy heads to the ladies room and stumbles across a body, also dressed as a Nanny. Fortunately for her, ex-detective sergeant Tom Tring is with them on the excursion and immediately notifies the police.

When the police discover the Nanny found dead was a man, Daisy
is determined to investigate, but is stymied by her husband Detective Inspector Alec Fletcher. To complicate matters, Nanny Gilpin doesn't remember anything about her wanderings or the dip into the fountain, and could possibly not ever remember what happened.

Frustrated Daisy enlists the aid of her friend Sakari Prasad to pursue their own investigation. Daisy has a vague feeling she knows the victim, but can't place how she knows him. Enlisting her aristocratic contacts she starts to track down an unsavory story about the victim.

Another excellent adventure for Daisy and friends.

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