Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Shot in the Dark

Much to Clare's amazement the Village Blend becomes a hub for a dating apps best place to hookup. In Shot in the Dark by Cleo Coyle, that might not be the best reputation to have. In fact on a night when the coffeehouse is packed with patrons, a young woman pulls out a gun and fires shots into the ceiling as she threatens a young man.

It seems the Cinder app with its Cinder-Fellas and Tinker-Tinker responses have made the app a huge success, but not everyone is happy about it. Once Gun Girl displays and fires her weapon, Clare knows she has to calm down the scene. When the police take Carol Lynn Kendall away, they question the object of her rage - Richard Crest. He claims innocence about why she was so angry. He admits to hooking up with her via the app, but it was just "for fun" he claimed.

Before you can say doppio, the scene has gone viral and people are staying away in droves from the Village Blend. Because the Cinder app is feeling the effects of the video, SydneyWebber-Rhodes founder and CEO of Cinder turns up with her Tinkerbells to try to mitigate the damage. She plans a gigantic hook-up event at the Village Blend, but not to be outdone, Clare and Esther plan a poetry slam upstairs to let customers talk about their bad experiences with dating apps. What could go wrong?

When Clare finds the body of one of her customers in the Hudson River, she thinks maybe Richard Crest is more than a philandering jerk. As she investigates, she is dragged into more than the dating app scene.

This is a fast-paced mystery with lots of excitement and twists and turns. I'm always craving coffee and pastry after I read these books.

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