Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Murder with Lemon Tea Cakes

Daisy Swanson is living the dream - operating a lovely tea garden cafe in Amish Country while she and her aunt Iris bake goodies and serve delicious teas. In Murder with Lemon Tea Cakes by Karen Rose Smith, Iris and soon-to-be divorced wealthy businessman Harvey Fitz have been dating for a month. Things seem to be progressing and Iris hopes once his divorce is final, they have a future together. 

Harvey owns an upscale men's clothing store in town, but his soon-to-be ex-wife and children have made his life miserable. At the 25th anniversary celebration for Men's Trends, his wife Monica disrupts the event hurling accusation that Harvey is hiding his assets in the divorce.

When Iris finds Harvey dead in the back garden of Daisy's Tea Shop, the police suspect her. An abrasive detective takes to badgering Iris and Daisy, and Daisy seeks advice from former Philadelphia detective turned woodworker Jonas Groft.

Daisy fears the murder will scare customers away, but Daisy'sTea Shop is busier than ever. But the
investigation is taking its toll on her aunt. When Iris' home is ransacked, Daisy decides she cannot wait for the police to solve the murder.

One the homefront Daisy is stunned when her youngest daughter Jazzi admits she is searching for her birth mother. Jazzi was adopted by Daisy and her late husband Ryan when they could not have another child. Unsure how she feels about this news, Daisy encourages her daughter to keep searching.

Torn between the issue with her daughter and the search for the killer, Daisy has her hands full running the tea shop too until she discovers the shocking truth about the murder.

Murder with Lemon Tea Cakes is the first in a new series. Hopefully there will be other books in the series. I enjoyed this book very much.

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