Thursday, April 5, 2018

Fatal Flip

Katelyn Baxter flips houses for a living or at least trying to make this a job. Unfortunately she finds a body hanging in the attic of her newest house in Fatal Flip by M.E. Bakos. Crocus Heights, Minnesota doesn't seem like the spot for murders, but Katelyn soon finds more than she expected.

While the police investigate, Katelyn's flip house is closed to repairs and she has to find a way to earn a temporary living. She decides to answer an ad for two jobs no one really wants and finds herself stopping people in the mall to survey the and also working as at a wine sample table. Mixed results on the jobs.

As she works, she thinks about why the body was in her house and how it could have been missed during the inspection. When a second body is discovered in another foreclosed home, Katelyn decides not to wait for the police to solve the case. She dives in.

She discovers a connection with her former employer, a large medical facility, and the victims.
That's sends her on the path to find who is causing her such distress. When another person dies, Katelyn realizes this is serious, but that doesn't stop her investigation to the chagrin of handsome, blue-eyed Sheriff Don Williams.

Complications ensue including an open house with bizarre visitors, the reappearance of Katelyn's ex-husband Eddy, a shady neighbor and the family of the victim.

After the antics in Fatal Flip, I am anxious to see how Katelyn gets herself into trouble again in the next book.

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