Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Cake & Punishment

Sophia Cummings returns home to Rumsford, Kentucky, to recover from an embarrassing breakup with her chef boyfriend in Manhattan. In Cake & Punishment by Maymee Bell (Tonya Kappes), Sophia bakes to cheer herself up and her specialty is Red Velvet Crunchies. As a pastry chef in the same restaurant as her ex, she feels she needs a breather.

Her mother and some of her high school friends think she should relocate to Rumsford and open her own bakery. Sophia isn't sure but does agree to bake a wedding cake for friend Charlotte when the original baker cancels.

Before Sophia can crack an egg for the cake, she discovers  Emile, the chef at the Rumsford Country Club, bashed over the head with a skillet - dead in the club. When the long-time manager of the club is suspected of the murder and the police threaten to close the Club forcing the cancellation of Charlotte's wedding, Sophia steps in to calm the bride. Charlotte is used to having her own way, so Sophia knows she needs to calm the storm before it brews.

There was no love lost between Emile and his staff, especially club manager Evelyn, but Sophia is
positive Evelyn is not the killer. As she tries to convince Sheriff Carter to let her continue to bake and cook in the country club, Sophia tries to clear Evelyn from suspicion.

As Sophia investigates, she browses around the downtown of Rumsford and discover the former bakery storefront, now vacant, and begins to feel the pull of the town. Nothing would please her mother more than to have Sophia back in town.

When one of the employees is charged with the murder, Sophia is not sure the real killer has been apprehended and continues to investigate and bake.

Cake & Punishment is a great beginning to a new series. I look forward to seeing how Sophia settles in Rumsford and co-exists with her mother. 

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