Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The Case of the Unsuitable Suitor

Henry Deveraux Twyst, the 18th duke of Chellingworth, is in a dither because his croquet lawn has been attacked by moles. With the big game against the Anwen Allcomer, set for the following week, he needs to have the lawn repaired. In The Case of the Unsuitable Suitor by Cathy Ace, the WISE agency women are investigating again.

Local pub owner Tudor wants the WISE agency to investigate the appearance of prodigal son Huw Hughes who has returned home. Tudor is concerned about Huw wooing Annie Parker, especially as Huw has had three wives die suddenly.Tudor is sure Annie's life is in danger because of Huw's attentions. He wants Carol to investigate the three deaths.

Tudor has had a thing for Annie for years,  but has been too shy to act on it. Now he fears she might be swept away by the handsome Huw. 

Although Carol has reservations about investigating someone interested in Annie, she wants to help
Tudor, so she uses her computer skills to seek information.

As Carol investigates, another agent Christine Wilson-Smythe is on holiday in Ireland with her boyfriend Alexander. Unfortunately they find themselves in the middle of a dangerous moonshine smuggling ring being operated very close to home.

Another enjoyable book by Cathy Ace featuring the WISE Agency women.

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