Monday, January 22, 2018

Malice in the Palace

Being 35th in line for the British throne doesn't guarantee an income or a place to live. When Lady Georgiana Rannoch returns from American with her dilettante mother, she finds the family home in Belgrave Square occupied by her brother and her not-so-welcoming-sister-in-law. In Malice at the Palace by Rhys Bowen, Georgie takes on another case.

Luckily before Georgie frays her sister-in-law's last nerve, she is summoned by the Queen to the palace. It appears the Queen wants Georgie to act as a companion to Princess Marina of Greece, the fiancee of Prince George. This role includes moving into Kensington Palace which is a huge relief to Georgie.

Once she settles in and meets the Princess, she is thrilled to be acting as a companion, showing her London. They make plans to go shopping, visit a night club and various other hot spots.

When they return home one rainy evening, Georgie sees something odd in the courtyard. It turns out
to be the body of Bobo Carrington, a former mistress of Prince George. Is this meant to implicate the prince? Is he guilty of trying to rid himself of a liability before his wedding or did someone else kill her? Is the rumor true that Bobo had a baby and is Prince George the father?

When Georgie's boyfriend Darcy O'Mara looms in the frame as a suspect, Georgie works doubly hard to discover who killed Bobo Carrington.

The Her Royal Spyness Mystery series is always an enjoyable read. Malice is the Palace is another eye-opening look at life among the royals.

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