Friday, January 26, 2018

Introducing Anything Can Happen Friday

Like many readers of the same genre, I feel the need to step out of my cozy mystery cocoon and read other books, see a movie or a play. That said, I will be introducing Anything Can Happen Friday (AHCF) on the blog where I will review books from other genres or a movie or a play or even publish a recipe from a book.

To introduce ACHF, I saw Hamilton last week. If you haven't seen Hamilton, you must see it.
The musical is like nothing you have ever seen before. For most people, Hamilton is the guy on the $10 bill. Some may know he was killed in a duel by Aaron Burr, but unless you are a history buff, you probably did not know how critical he was as aide de camp to General Washington, how important he was to passing the U.S. Constitution and finally his impact on the Federal Reserve. He makes a deal with the southern colonies to move the new US. capital to the south in exchange for keeping New York as the financial center, thus the birth of Wall Street.

Lin-Manuel Miranda, creator of the book, music and lyrics, is a genius. He has turned history into one of the most popular musicals in decades. He portrayed Hamilton as an inveterate letter writer, who wrote as if he was running out of time, a wise cracking smart aleck who sometimes spoke before he thought, but someone who was deeply committed to the birth of the United States, but whose own flaws lead to his death.

The other characters include an unremorseful King George II, who thinks the colonies will return to his "benevolent reign", a flashy Marquis de Lafayette, an elegant General George Washington and a competitive Thomas Jefferson.

The staging was creative and the music was emotionally powerful. Plus it was such fun to see people of all ages in the audience enjoying the show. I have heard Hamilton is leaving Chicago before the end of the year, so don't wait. See it now.

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