Monday, September 25, 2017

The Ninja's Illusion

A frantic call from her best friend Sanjay urging  Jaya not to come to Japan naturally sends her scurrying there anyway. In The Ninja's Illusion by Gigi Pandian, Jaya Jones is in the thick of another mystery.

When she tries to call back Sanjay, or the Hindi Houdini as he likes to be called, he doesn't answer. She knows he is a performer and prone to drama, but when he looks over his shoulder during the call and implores her again not to come, something about his expression troubles Jaya.

Sanjay is in Japan to perform with one of Japan's most famous magician - Akira. Akira is controversial because he claims since the accident that crippled his left hand, he can perform real miracles. Now he has announced he will perform the "impossible" Indian Rope Trick, and needs Sanjay to help him perform it.

The legendary trick dates back to the days when Japan was closed to almost all trade except a few
Dutch traders. Before the trip Jaya had been researching the trading records and she thinks she has found the phantom trading ship lost for over 200 years.

Once in Japan, Jaya finds herself in the middle of a series of mysterious events. A mysterious ninja attacks them in the park, but gets away, someone is trying to sabotage Sanjay's trick and the controversial Akira has another serious accident.

With the help of the magician's assistant Yako who appears to take on the characteristics of the mythical fox spirit, a kitsune, Sanjay and Jaya proceed full speed ahead. Undeterred by the attempts at sabotaging the trick, Sanjay insists he will perform the Indian Rope Trick.

Jaya is still pursuing her research on the trading ship and makes a huge discovery that leads to revealing results. Another exciting adventure for Jaya by Gigi Pandian.

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