Monday, September 4, 2017


Shakespeare's MacBeth has been produced in many shapes and forms, but I'm willing to bet not in a circus setting. In Cindy Brown's MacDeath, Ivy Meadows tumbles into her audition and finds herself as one of the three witches in acrobatic gear.

Everyone knows about the curse - no one is supposed to utter the name of the play in the theatre. Unfortunately one of the wannabe actors says MacBeth several time. The entire cast and crew know they are in for a some mischief.

When Ivy encounters her old friend Simon Black, once a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company only to be sliding own the food chain, in the cast, she is thrilled. But Simon places a burden on her she is not sure she can manage. He has decided to give up alcohol and wants Ivy to keep an eye on him so he doesn't backslide.

Throughout the rehearsals, all seems well even with the threat of the "curse" hanging over them. The
cast as you would expect is comprised of a motley crew of characters. Genevieve Fife, known for her Method acting, is cast as Lady MacBeth. Simon is Duncan and two young men - handsome Jason as MacBeth and cute doofus Riley as MacDuff. The Face of Channel 10 news Bill Boxer and utterer of the cursed title of the play round out the cast. All are dressed in various costumes from the circus.

Before the production opens, Ivy finds Simon dead in his dressing room. All signs pointing to a relapse in drinking, but Ivy is convinced he was not drinking again and believes he was murdered. Of course no one believes her.

She tries to convince her uncle Bob, a private investigator, to investigate. As first he is reluctant, but as he finds evidence, he continues his investigation. As predicted various other mishaps occur on the stage during the performance. Secrets, lies and unintended consequences nearly bring the play to its knees until Ivy finds the murderer.

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