Thursday, September 21, 2017

A Cajun Christmas Killing

Another fun caper starring Maggie Crozat and her lively family by Ellen Byron. In A Cajun Christmas Killing the Crozats are in the thick of building the traditional structure for the bonfires along the river. Over the years the bonfires had evolved into a tradition of lighting the way for the Cajun Santa Claus, Papa Noel, on Christmas Eve.

There's trouble at the family plantation. A hostile takeover by outside investors to purchase Uncle Tig's Preferred Property Collection unfortunately includes Crozat. The investment company is owned by Steve Harmon and coincidentally as the offer [s being crafted, bad reviews of the various properties begin to appear on the internet.

On the homefront, a strange unaccompanied man is a guest at the B&B and he is constantly taking notes. Maggie worries he might be a blogger and is planning to write negative reviews of the B&B.  Maggie tries to devise a plan to help her Uncle Tig, but runs across the very Steve Harmon
and he turns out to be her random guest, Don Baker. After a confrontation with just about everyone in the B&B and Maggie's boyfriend Detective Bo Durand, Steve Harmon is found dead in the men's parlor of Doucet Plantation.

Complicating matters is Maggie's ex-boyfriend from New York, in Pelican to try to reconcile. The Crozat family has a lot on their plate including Ty's trip to the hospital.

In charge of the investigation is Maggie's arch nemesis Rufus Durand and there are no end of suspects including the entire Crozat family and Bo.
A Cajun Christmas Killing is chock full of Louisiana flavor and plenty of bayou characters and traditions to make you feel as if you are there with them. Love these books. 

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