Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Murder Games

When I read the synopsis of Murder Games by Elisabeth Crabtree, I thought the book would be right up my alley. But as I plodded through the convoluted and confusing plot, I wasn't so sure.

Grace Holliday and her boyfriend Kyle Drake are lucky enough to secure two tickets to the Murder Manor, a mansion associated with the Crystal Palace Hotel. They find themselves in the middle of the "murder mystery" and are happy to play their parts.

That is until someone turns up dead. The other characters include a married couple, Jerry and Caroline Knight; Laura and her sister Sabrina; Mis Ivy, the mistress of the house and her butler Rupert and several other characters. Some of them take their roles very seriously and refuse to be called by their real names.

The plot takes a very long time to unravel and there are several incidents that seem not to be relevant to the story. One of my main complaints is that most of the characters switch back and forth from the cast names to their real names throughout the book. Most of the time I wasn't even sure who was who. Even the lead character switches between a dim bulb and a brilliant detective.

Maybe jumping into the fourth book in the series was a mistake, so if you are going to read the Grace Holliday books, I suggest you start at the beginning of the series.

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