Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Macrame Murder

A craft retreat on Sea Glass Island, South Carolina, sounds like just to place for me, but when murder rears its ugly head, I'm glad Cora Chevalier is dealing with the crime. In Macrame Murder by Mollie Cox Bryan, Cora and friends (along with new boyfriend Adrian Brisbane) head to the island to teach crafting and to attend craft demonstrations.

While Cora and Adrian are walking along the beach, they witness an intimate beach wedding. The bride is wearing a gorgeous tiara crafted of sea glass, rhinestones and shells and a stunning mermaid-style gown. They quickly feel as if they are intruding and walk hastily away.

The next day the bride is found dead and Adrian is arrested. It seems she was Adrian's former girlfriend and they were heard arguing the night before the murder. Cora is stunned by the news, but believes Adrian is innocent and works to prove it.

Meanwhile a presenter winds up dead, stuffed in her own extra large macrame bag and there are
plenty of suspects, unfortunately including Adrian. Trying to keep the craft retreat from shattering into pieces, Cora and friends continue to teach their classes while they try to figure out who killed Marcy Grimm and now Zooey, the macrame artist.

Sifting through old family secrets and discovering some new ones, Cora with the help of a psychic solves the murders to the relief of Adrian. As I read this book I wished there were a real island covered with sea glass. It is a rarity to find sea glass along the coast and I would love to get my hands on some. 

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