Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Murder From Scratch

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Still trying to get her balance as owner of her late aunt's restaurant Gauguin, Sally Solari is working out a partnership with her head chef Javier. When she learns of the death of a fringe relative, she doesn't realize what is in store for her.

In Murder from Scratch by Leslie Karst, it tuns out the dead woman has a daughter and Sally's father volunteers his daughter as a guardian of sorts. Although Evelyn is nearly 21 and probably doesn't need a caretaker, the shock of her mother's death, possibly suicide or accident, in their home has left her without a place to stay. No problem for Sally, except Evelyn is blind. (Murder from Scratch will be released by Crooked Lane Books on April 9.)

That in itself would not be an issue, but sending the young woman to the place where her mother died would be cruel and unfeeling. When Sally meets Evelyn, she realizes how self sufficient she is and will really only need minimal assistance from Sally.

When Evelyn returns home to gather some of her belongings, her heightened senses tell her various objects are out of place in the home. She begins to believe her mother was murdered. The police don't find evidence of murder an dismiss Evelyn's thoughts.

Restaurant jealousies rear their heads and Sally finds herself in the middle of feuding chefs and restaurant intrigue as she works to find the murderer.

Another scrumptious adventure by Leslie Karst in culinary mystery fiction.

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