Thursday, February 21, 2019

Bones Behind the Wheel

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What would it be like for some people in the family to see ghosts and others to not be able to see them? This is what life is like in Alison Kirby's New Jersey seashore guest house. I'll bet that's a fun household in which to live. By the way did you know the National Language of New Jersey is Sarcasm? Now you do.

In Bones Behind the Wheel by E.J. Copperman, it's the offseason on the Jersey shore. Alison discovers a crew moving sand to prevent shoreline erosion in her back yard. Suddenly they hit something metal and a 1977 Lincoln Continental sedan complete with a skeleton behind the wheel is unearthed.

Living with ghosts, especially one who was a private investigator, prepares Alison for her calm demeanor toward the discovery. When the sedan disappears that night then reappears in the hole again the next night, Alison's temper starts to flare.

Using the ghosternet, Paul and Maxie, two of the ghosts, try to figure out who the victim was. Declining to be involved in this investigation, Alison soon realizes her new husband Josh has caught the detecting fever, even though
he cannot hear or see the ghosts.

What's a girl to do when everyone around her is involved in the case. When she finds a giant emerald and some bullets in her ceiling and a gun in a hole under her refrigerator, she's involved reluctantly.

Laugh out loud funny antics with the ghosts and the police detective who refuses to enter the house because of the ghosts.

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