Monday, August 27, 2018

In Want of a Knife

A befuddling title until you reach the end. With one teen girl dead, found in a bizarre outfit, and another one missing, Zoe Zola and Jenny Wilson are prepared to assist the police. In Want of a Knife by Elizabeth Kane Buzzelli is a chilling tale and the third book in this series located in Bear Falls, Michigan.

Janice Root, the daughter of an orchard owner, was found dead and wrapped in material at the side of the road. A shy teen who worked at her father's farm stand, there seems to be no reason she would wind up dead. When the autopsy shows she died of asphyxiation, police chief Ed Warner is stumped. He asks Zoe, Jenny and ex-police officer Tony Ralenti.

A few days later Cammy Otis, a special girl, is discovered missing and Zoe and Jenny are determined to find her alive. Jenny is having an employment crisis and is debating leaving her home town, her mother Dora and her special guy Tony and moving back to Chicago. Zoe is in the midst of a writer's crisis with regard to her Jane Austen book; both are looking for distractions.

In the meantime the town of Bear Falls has welcomed some very influential new residents, one who promises to donate two million dollar to the town if residents will come to his housewarming party. Everyone has ideas on how to spend the money, but when little person Zoe meets little, but obnoxious Fitzwilliam Dillon, and his entourage, the two million might be in jeopardy.

The search for Cammy is racing on as the days pass. Following clue after clue, Zoe and Jenny finally figure out where she is and rush to save her.

An excellent mystery and yes the "knife" title does figure in.

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