Monday, April 10, 2017

College Town Murder

As Dr. Sheridan Hendley arrives to begin her new fall semester at Cold Creek College, she hardly expects to have a bird's eye view from her office of emergency medical vehicles at the Rec Center. Before long Sheridan hears that the victim was a faculty colleague. Adam Mulberg, abnormal psychology professor with surfer boy good looks, used his charm to increase his popularity with the female students at the college.

In Christa Nardi's first book in the Cold Creek College series, Murder at Cold Creek College, Sheridan finds herself in the midst of a police investigation at their small college in Virginia. When she discovers the victim had a relationship with her friend Kim, a professor, and one of the administrative assistants, Sheridan decides she needs to learn more about Adam Mulberg.

She pieces together that he has been married four times and some of the ex-wives are still local and may even be on the faculty. When the handsome Detective McCann begins to look suspiciously at Kim, Sheridan tries to prove him wrong. As she delves deeper into the private life of Adam Mulberg, she realizes he was a womanizer and may even have had affairs with his students.

Sheridan is an excellent character. She does not blindly put herself in jeopardy while she investigates although she does come to the attention of the killer. I enjoyed the book and look forward to others in the series.

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