Friday, March 10, 2017

George Washington Slept Here

When Megan Sawyer moved back to Winsome, Pennsylvania, to run her grandmother's organic farm and cafe, she did not expect George Washington to be causing her trouble. In A Muddied Murder by Wendy Tyson, General Washington seems to be right in the thick of things.

The local beautification board has been refusing to give Megan permits for her cafe. Simon Duvall is the lead curmudgeon and week after week has continued to deny the permits needed to open the cafe. After another failed inspection, Megan is at her wits end, but when she finds Simon dead in her barn the next day, she fears she will be a suspect. She also discovers her Grandmother was considering a bid from Duvall and the Historical Society to purchase the Washington Acres farm because George Washington possibly slept there!

The plot thickens when Simon's mother Lenora, who is in charge
of the Historical Society, plans to make a big announcement about the farm and an historical preservation project. Historical preservation would put a huge dent in Megan's plans for the cafe and the adjacent building she hopes to purchase.

When another person connected to the Historical Society is seriously wounded in a stabbing attack, Megan continues her investigation in earnest while trying to protect her interests
I enjoyed this book and I have the next in the series, Bitter  Harvest, in my possession. If you want to see more books by Wendy Tyson, click here.

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