Monday, October 7, 2019

The Bodies in the Library

Newly appointed curator of The First Edition Society, an organization dedicated to first editions by women authors from the Golden Age of Mystery, Hayley Burke is in trouble from her first day. In The Bodies in the Library by Marty Wingate, Hayley's dilemma is she has never read a mystery - let alone one by the Golden Age authors. (The Bodies in the Library will be released on October 9 by Berkley Prime Crime.)

Trying to hide this flaw, she plans to begin her tenure by allowing a group of Agatha Christie fan fiction writers, to meet in Middlebank House, the home of the Society. They are a motley crew. 

There's Harry, a young woman writing about Miss Marple and the baby she gave up for adoption years ago. Then there's Peter and Marietta. Both are using Hercule Poirot as their character, but Marietta's Poirot has superpowers. Amanda has been re-working the same ten pages of her Tommy and Tuppence series. Lastly, Trist, the de facto leader of the group writing about Miss Marple and Zombies. 

The Society's prim secretary Mrs Woolgar holds a dim view of the writers group and lets her displeasure show with every word. Undaunted Hayley believes letting the writers meet in Middlebank House will be an entre into the local writing scene. 

When one of the writers is found dead in the Middlebank House library, both Hayley and Mrs. Woolgar are fearful. They both live in the house and despite an alarm system, they never heard any thing suspicious and the house was securely locked. 

Worried about the writers and the reputation of The Society, Hayley thinks she should investigate, but doesn't know where to begin. Her mother encourages her to read The Body in the Library (appropriately enough) and that plunges her into reading everything Christie and trying to emulate Miss Marple. 

Using Miss Marple's ability to listen without being seen, Hayley starts to piece together the solution, but in the process almost gets herself killed. 

A terrific beginning to a new series, although I am still puzzled by the title. 

Disclosure: I received this book from the published via Netgalley. 

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Denise Kainrath said...

Maybe more bodies are to come!