Friday, October 4, 2019

Hands Up

Hands Up by Stephen Clark is not usually the type of mystery I review, but the subject matter is ripped from the headlines today and needs a voice. Although not technically a mystery, Hands Up is a worthy read.

The lives of three people are changed forever on the fateful night when a white police officer kills a black motorist. Ryan Quinn and his partner Greg Byrnes make the traffic stop and suddenly Tyrell Wakefield is dead. 

When an eyewitness video disputes the police officers account, Tyrell’s family including his sister Jade and his long missing father Kelly Randolph fight for justice. 

Jade has long had emotional issues especially after her father Kelly Randolph abandoned the family years ago. She has taken to cutting herself to get some emotional release.

Kelly has always been involved with some bad people and after he kills a man, he decides he needs to leave town. When he sees the news about his son's death on TV, he decides to take a chance and return to Philadelphia. His attempts to reconcile with his wife Regina fall flat and he finds himself living in a homeless shelter, but still leading protests against the police shooting of his son. 

Clark weaves a compelling tale of truth, the search for justice and repentance
Through it all the lives of the people involved will never be the same. Fear of the unknown, racism and violence make for a lethal combination where no one walks away untouched.

Disclosure: I received this book from the author.

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Denise Kainrath said...

I remember you talking about this book and how intense it was!