Friday, February 10, 2017

Dim Sum, Lose Some

In Dim Sum, Dead Some, EM Kaplan sends her quirky food blogger to San Francisco with tempting foods everywhere. Josie Tucker and her friend Susan travel to San Francisco to meet the man Susan has been "dating" online for two years. Josie is coerced by wealthy Boston socialite Greta Williams (you remember her from the previous book) into take an investigating job for her.

As it turns out Susan's boyfriend James and his partner Ivan Sorokin have received funding for their new tech company Applied Apps from Greta, and she wants to make sure her investment is safe. When Josie arrives in San Francisco, the Ghirardelli sign is blinking enticingly at her. Now normal people would have not trouble eating ice cream or some other luscious treat from Ghirardelli's, but with Josie's twitchy stomach, she's not so sure. She splurges and pays the price through the night.

Next morning James, Susan and Josie are to meet Ivan for lunch.
James seems edgier that when she first met him and he confesses he has not been in touch with Ivan for days and is worried. Although they work remotely and it appears Ivan is coding from a remote location, the fact that he is not responding to texts or posts on the message board they use has James anxious.

When Ivan's body is found with multiple stab wounds, there are plenty of suspects - his wife, his stripper girlfriend, and even his partner.
Josie decides to investigate and winds up in the strip club after hours with the other strippers. Before long she is dressed (or undressed) for the occasion and even dabbles in some bump and grind for fun.

Through it all Josie's delicate stomach doesn't seem to be reacting to the many foods she has eaten including Dim Sum at James' parent's restaurant. Hidden millions and family secrets lead Josie on a wild chase to find the killer.

Once again EM Kaplan has sent Josie on a mission for Greta Williams that leads to plenty of action and one of Greta's trademark conclusions. An excellent mystery with all of Josie's quirks and antics.

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