Thursday, June 28, 2018

Death by Espresso

Weddings are usually a happy occasion, but when the bride's parents and the groom's father stir up trouble, the wedding is nearly canceled. In Death by Espresso by Alex Erickson, Krissy Hancock volunteers to meet her friend Vicki Patterson's at the airport, but they arrive with an entourage of their actor friends and a coffee bean chewing wedding planner. 

Unfortunately the wedding is a few short days away and there is no room to make changes. That doesn't stop The Pattersons. They have brought along the wedding planner to the stars who seems more interested in her caffeine fix than the wedding. Cathy Carr is incessantly popping chocolate-covered coffee beans into her mouth. She and the parents want to change the cake, the flowers, the church and pretty much the entire wedding. Vicki is hysterical and she begs Krissy to stop the parents from meddling. 

On the other side of the family, it soon becomes apparent that the groom's family would like him to marry someone else and they attempt to sabotage the wedding.

Krissy plans to speak to the Pattersons and convince them to keep their hands off the wedding, but when she arrives at the house where they are staying, she finds the wedding planner dead. The Pattersons pick that moment to arrive and find Krissy with the proverbial candlestick in her hand. Although the police know she did not commit the crime, they take her to the station to question her. 

As no one in town knew Cathy Carr before she arrived, Krissy is positive someone from the California group is the murderer. Trying to solve the crime and keep the wedding plans on track takes all her energy. 

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