Thursday, February 1, 2018

Assault with a Deadly Glue Gun

Newly widowed Anastasia Pollack discovers she was newly swindled . . . by her own husband - Karl Mark Pollack, and she's at her wits end. In Assault with a Deadly Glue Gun by Lois Winston, Anastasia's life is going to become more complicated.

First she has her Communist mother-in-law and her unfriendly dog living with her, then her own mother returns home unexpectedly from Ireland without her current husband, then at work Anastasia finds the body of the hated fashion editor Marlys Vandernburg in her office.

Woooo would it be safe to say what else could go wrong? Not hardly.

Anastasia receives a threatening phone call from a loan shark demanding $50,000 owed by her husband and the police think she has something to do with Marlys' murder.

Mix in the handsome photojournalist, now renting the garage apartment and Anastasia's life gets crazier and crazier. Pandemonium reigns as Anastasia and
her co-workers try to eliminate suspects after suspect leading to a startling conclusion.

I'm curious to see how Anastasia's life in New Jersey turns out in the next few books, because this first one was packed with mishaps and misadventure.

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